Clickbank For Beginners 2020 | How To Make Money On Clickbank for FREE 2020(Step By Step)


Hello guys, Welcome to my Clickbank for beginners 2020. I’m going to show you how you can make money online with clickbank for free without spending any money online. Yes this is not clickbait I mean zero investment; you can make money online today with affiliate marketing using Clickbank now. affiliate marketing  Hello guys, Welcome to my Clickbank for beginners 2020. I’m going to show you how you can make money online with clickbank for free without spending any money online. Yes this is not clickbait I mean zero investment; you can make money online today with affiliate marketing using Clickbank now.

This is an updated version a more advanced version some more techniques in this version and a friend of mine actually implemented this a couple of months ago and within a week I were actually a little bit over a week about ten days He go from zero dollars to a hundred dollars per day with Clickbank using this exact strategy. Then I’m going to show you exactly step by step how you can do this and show you exactly how you can do this yourself if you have no money at all. (Nothing in your pockets).

This is a simple Three-step process and you can pretty much get all of this up and running within a few hours, okay It’s not going to take you long at all as a clickbank begginers.

Clickbank For Beginners 2020: How To Make Money On Clickbank for FREE 2020

And once again, it is free, but I do want to just let you know that No one has taught you how to do this free method properly. There are lots of videos or blog post online but to do it properly there’s only a few of us that know how to do this correctly.

  • Without Spamming.
  • Without doing any of that stuff and actually making money with this method and I personally used.

These three free traffic sources plus a bonus one that I’m going to show you at the end So make sure you read until the end for the bonus.

We’re going to look at three free traffic methods sources that I used to grow one of my own blog, okay it’s actually doing deep 4 figures now and I did that with Free traffic right and then spend anything on traffic and I’m going to show you those traffic sources inside this blog post.

It’s really simple.

First of all, we’re going to find the niche and an offer on Clickbank, and then we’re going to make a quick free website.

12-Minute Affiliate

3 Simple Steps – Clickbank For Beginners 2020

  • Find A Niche/Offer.(FREE)
  • A Quick Website.(FREE)
  • Find A Traffic.(FREE)

Okay, you don’t have to pay any money for this and this is where people go wrong. I’m going to show you the mistake that people make you need to do it properly. They wouldn’t go and find traffic.

Now the traffic does not involve starting a YouTube channel that’s what everyone tells you to do, but I understand that most people don’t want to do YouTube They don’t want to talk on camera. They don’t want to saw their face, so we’re not going to talk about that.

There are other methods and this is not spamming. We’re not going to go and send our links everywhere because that just doesn’t work.

We’re first of all we’re going to jump into

Step Number 1 that is finding the niche and the offer,

This is completely free for you to do now there are four niches that I find very, very profitable and guys I recommend you stick to these four niches and they’re often to anything else because these make the most money:

Fitness and health, (massive profitable niche probably way bigger than internet marketing)

We have crypto currency and stock trading.

We have general internet marketing (how to make money online courses and stuff like that) then

We have software like click funnels we have web hosting we get a commission for that but Software you can’t really find much of that on Clickbank But you can find it in Google you just type “best software affiliates” and stuff like that and you can do software.

So But I would recommend sticking to the basics and doing health, fitness, crypto, stock trading or general internet marketing That’s how you’re gonna make the good money.

Alright, so let’s jump into Clickbank now if you’re here you probably know what Clickbank is but if you don’t,



ClickBank this is an affiliate website where people upload their products and you can promote those products for a commission and we have all sorts of niches down here But like I said, we’re going to stick to the top one and we’ll go with health and fitness.

Now what you need to do first,

The first step is signed up for your Clickbank account.

Create_A_ClickBank_Account_2020-Clickbank for beginners

That’s not very hard You just go through by click “Create Account” and put on your information Make sure it’s your real information and read terms and condition and then put in your banking information and then put in your account information Plus your password very very simple to do that.

Okay, that’s not very hard at all You probably sign up two things every single day now once you get in guys, you want to go to the top and click on Marketplace. Now. I’ve been advertising Clickbank products for years make thousands of dollars So I’m going to give you some tips and tricks on what you should look for.

Number one that we’re going to go to the health and fitness section So there’s a couple of things you want to look out for. first of all, your average sale how much you’re going to get per sale?


It’s not always the best to go for the ones that pay up the most because they might not convert for you I find the cheaper ones convert better in the long run. You make more money and you put in this effort to make that money.

Okay, so that’s the first tip I want to give you the second tip is you want to see if they have what we call an affiliate page on these affiliate pages you have lots of tools that you can use on your Mission to become an affiliate Master. We’ll jump into that in a second. I’ll show you some tools And stuff like that. All right and all the stuff that you need to jump into that now the next thing I want to point out is what we call gravity.


This says 263 gravity. That means that 263 people have sold this product in the last 30 days or 28 days. So that means that this product is Selling ok. This people are selling this product have a sale there. I don’t know where that came from So I don’t even promote this product myself. I promote other products but this product is making money. So you want to have something that is selling like a 10 or 20 gravity more in this particular situation. And you always want to go and look at the landing page just to make sure it looks good Now this one in particular(The Red Tea Detox) does not have a lot of information that doesn’t matter. They’re using what we call a vsl a (video sales letter) So the video will do the selling for us so they don’t need anything else on the page Okay, really easy to do now to promote this, you just click promote, but wait this is when everyone goes wrong, they go and get their tracking link and they just go and spam it online.

It’s the wrong way to do it. It’s never gonna work. You’re gonna really just annoy people and you might make a couple of sales, but it’s not a long-term thing Okay, you can actually make a good weekly income Doing this method. So what we’re going to do is I’m just going to show you the same product and why we’re going to just use in this example kind of what to look out for so like I’d Said I showed you the front page. It’s nice and clean. It’s what the sales letter.

What we want to do is go to the affiliate page and kind of show you some stuff On why this is a good product.

Affiliate Page.

So first of all, they’re giving out 75 to 100 percent commission now. How can they give out a hundred percent commission because they have up-sells inside this whatever the services/training so they give you all of the money that on the front end. They’re going to make money inside the training.

-They do cash bonuses and giveaways stuff like that we don’t need to worry about that because we’re not going to be doing that type of volume, but They have done over five hundred and forty three thousand So that means they’ve done over a million in sales already and we know it’s selling okay. That’s the next thing now Some affiliate page want you to put in your details name and email to access tools and promo material, which is fine. You want to access the Affiliate Center because there’s something that you’re going to be using is a trick. It’s not a trick but something that’s going to give us the advantage to actually make a lot more commissions than what most people teach them online.

Promo Tools

There’s lots of information for a start So we have all the banners we need, we have Basically everything we need we even have articles that we might be able to use ourselves which I’ll talk about in a second, but what I want to show you guys that’s going to give you the competitive edge is “Create Affiliate links”


Yes So we can get a 17 dollar discount this is gonna help us make more money. I’m gonna show you how to use that later on in this post to absolutely crush it with this method and start to make really really good money. So this product is a good product because it has lots of tools that we can use to go out and make money now I’m not gonna go through all of this because I want to keep it simple I don’t want to confuse you but they got videos, banners, products image etc. They’ve got everything. We need to make money with this

Okay, so we’ve found a niche and we found products. They have the affiliate page. We’re all ready to go We’re going to use this discount to our advantage.

Step 1 Find a Niche/Product

Step 2 – Create a Website(FREE)

Sorry, the next step we’re going to create a quick website. It doesn’t take long and it’s free now I would recommend having your own website on a paid hosting because it gives you a lot more advantages and it can help you more. I’ll show you exactly how you can create your own done for you clickbank affiliate website step-by-step But we’re gonna do it for free in this and this is really all you need for now when you’re starting out so what we do guys is we’re gonna go to a website called and click on plans and go to free we’re gonna create a free website that we can use its 100% free Doesn’t cost anything that’s free for life.

Start_Free_Wordpress_Site For Clickbank

So what you want to do is sign up just like clickbank put in your information and choose a username doesn’t matter too much.

Maybe have the word reviewing it or just something nice and clean and brand-able. You don’t want the username to be spammy because that’s gonna be in your link. So make it easy to read simple and try and keep it as short as possible. So go through Sign up and then once you’ve signed up verify your account and then this is what’s gonna happen You’re gonna log in and it’s gonna look like this on the back-end.


You’re gonna come to the back-end and there’s a few things that you can do.

We’re going to be creating a website like this( and this is one of that I use for back-linking for something else until you’re different but we’re gonna be creating something with one or two articles and the articles are going to bring traffic to these articles to show you how off my three methods and then we’re gonna Persuade people into purchasing the product and this is how we’re going to do it. This is a free website It doesn’t cost you anything.

This is how we’re going to do that.

We’re going to use my conversion powerhouse.

Conversion PowerHouse – (Make Money On ClickBank For Free 2020)

  • The Hook (Problem)
  • Persuasion (Solution)
  • Close (Coupon) (Scarcity)

First of all, we’re going to create a hook. The hook is going to be the problem So we’re gonna find people online who have a problem. They need to lose weight.

Okay, then we’re gonna do persuasion. We’re gonna persuade them into purchasing our product and how we’re gonna do that. We’re going to offer them the solution, then we’re going to do a closed now. The close can be things like scarcity. 

Well, you know this is going to close soon you need to get a coupon so we offer a coupon and we’re gonna offer them a coupon that no one else is offering them. So that’s going to be our close. This is how you do this correctly. Okay, so what you want to do go to your website now, create an article on the site make it look nice Okay, make it look like a real website now to do that you go to “Post” and you go to “Add a new blog post” (See image above) and write your content.

So you write the hook which could be for three or four hundred words of you know, this is your problem. Then go to the second thing which is you know get this sale or push them into the persuasion. Persuade them into a sale. Then we have the close which is what we’re going to do is offer them.We’re going to offer them a coupon Then and that’s it.


So it doesn’t take long to write this stuff. It’s all free It’ll take you half an hour to an hour to write out an article. Okay, really simple to do it’s not harder at all if you don’t know how to write or do any sales tactics go and find other websites promoting the product and You can basically as replicate what they do. Okay, I’m not gonna sit here rudder all out We’ll be here for years because I’m a very slow writer, but you need the hook and then persuade them into a sale Okay So the hook is going to hook them into your article and you make it flow nicely use images even get some videos.

On Red Tea Detox affiliate page:

  • They’ve actually got videos,
  • Have all the content you need
  • They have the videos they have Interviews that you can use this is why it’s a great product. 
  • They have everything you need banners and product images. You can put these into your website to make it look amazing.
  • They also have articles that you can use.This is like the perfect product now, they probably do have articles But they’re probably not the best to use. Okay, but honestly You would write your own and give it your own kind of feel and talking and just make it yours okay, so you create the article that’s really easy to do.

But what you want to do is, at the site and make it look real. This is really important so what you can do is you can do things like first of all you can Edit page.


You can customize your Entire site. You can change the heading. You can edit the menu. You can put in a logo if you want you can go and make your own logo on “free logo makers”.


And so that’s pretty much it for this you’ll be able to edit the sidebar. You can edit recent post It’s always good to add an image But what I would do guys is go back to our affiliate page for our product and then go to banners and download one or two and add a banner to our wordpress site. You can add another sidebar widget  for image and display a banner and put your discounted affiliate link in there So when people click on the banner they go through to your Clickbank product and you make the Commission So what you do is you go to your affiliate page and you get one of these affiliate links I highly recommend the discount one and you  replace the XXXX with your Clickbank affiliate ID and that will be your link.


Then add your affiliate link to the banner which you add on your wordpress by go to Customize >> Widgets >> Sidebar>>Click plus +add widget>> Image then upload the banner and add your discounted affiliate link as below.


Click Done and Publish and people will be able to click on it and Go through our fully link now when you actually create your article you want to put call to actions. Call to action like “Click Here to Get your discount Now” then you just highlight the text you click a little chain up and you put your link in Bomb and then when people click the text they’re going through to your affiliate link and you’re gonna make money.

Okay, so that’s the website side of things guys You sit up the website for free you put an article inside that website. WordPress is the best and it’s the easiest to use. You can put in your contact, your about us page and then personalized. You can choose a theme and stuff like that really easy to do.

But the most important thing goes is to remember to get the conversions You have a hook. You have to persuade them into a sail by offering a solution. The hook was the problem. Then the close is going to be like “You’ve made this far we have a discount for you if you get on this today before you leave” That’s how you make the money Alright, so that is the step number two of the three-step system on how to make money on Clickbank 2020.

Step 2 Create a Website (FREE)

Step 3 – Find Traffic(FREE)

Now, what do you do for traffic? This is where everyone seems to get stuck. Anyone can find a product to sell, anyone can make a website But remember you have to actually make the website don’t go out there and just throw your link out there because it’s not gonna work. First of all, you can’t just throw a Philly at links everywhere they’re probably not gonna show up because Google and places where you get traffic from is a pretty good system of Detecting those things and you’ll probably just keep getting banned.

So what do you do? You have the product, you need to have the website. That’s the important part. That’s the bridge page That’s the middleman. That’s what’s going to make you look legitimate. Okay now What do you do? These are the three traffic systems that I use,we’re going to step three now free traffic and I used these Free traffic systems.

12-Minute Affiliate

The 3 FREE Traffic Sources For Make Money With Clickbank 2020:

  • Forums (FREE)
  • Blogs (FREE)
  • Facebook Groups (FREE)

Okay. I used forums, blogs and Facebook groups to build up a 4-figure affiliate website.


So number one is forums and it’s literally the best place to get free traffic, but you have to do it properly. This is how you do it properly.

On Forums there’s two ways you can link out.

Number one, I did in the signature.

Forum Signature

You can put a link to something so you can go into a health forum be like “how to lose weight” and just link it. Because you’re using your website to link as a middleman You don’t get banned because people think of Just in traffic to a website And you have a free website already.

The second option is to go and give value.

Give Value.

Now all you’re going to do is go to forums and go into the search bar and Like let’s say for the health one find people that want to lose weight or just google how to lose weight or tips to lose weight. Inside the forum and you’ll bring up all of those posts there could be old but in the forum could be new you simply go in there you give them value but don’t say hey check out my Websites you write proper stuff like “Hey Jackie It’s great that you want to lose weight. I’ve been try to loose blah blah blah I noticed that you know, here’s some websites with some free tips.” You can list your website at the top and you can even list some more websites underneath to make it look legitimate that you found online. They’re always gonna check the top one.

Okay, so go out into these forums and add value and no joke. I’m not joking here. This is not nowhere to rely you can use this to make commissions But you have to do it properly with that website in the middle. So how do you find these forums guys? What do you do? How do you go out there? And how do you start to make money doing this there?

Remember you have to provide value There’s two ways just go and reply to people with your link in the  signature or second actually give some people some Value it doesn’t take long than five minutes to create a post what that does guys is people go through and click now.

There’s another thing that’s awesome is when you post something it could show up in Google So over time these forum posts will get organic traffic forever and people will keep clicking through your stuff forever So the more you do it is like a compounding effect. That’s a snowball effect and the Commission’s keep compounding and compounding over time. So this is how you find forums. No trick, It’s really really simple to do and you go on Google and search for “top Fitness Forums or top health forums”.

Google Search

That’s all you do Okay, and you go through and there’s all of these forums that you can check out And you sign up now. I recommend signing up to one or two forums keep it simple. Don’t do too much or you’re really just going to get side tracked and you go into those forums You create an account and you go and find people talking about Stuff if you can’t find anything to post about or you can’t find anything just do the One in the signature or move on to another forum. Here’s another one here. This is a very very popular forum. We have workout programs, exercises.


You can definitely jump into here and just sneak in there and you know go undercover pretend that you actually care About this forum and you’re a member and you can just promote the product. You know you got to slide in you can’t just like hey check out this program to get this affiliate link does not work.

So that’s the number one method(Forum) that I would use to go out there and do. So that’s what you do for  is no trick. That’s free traffic.

Now number two is also one of my favorites, but you have to do it properly but this is actually probably a faster way than the forums. I’ll tell you what blog comments, but the right way and I’ll show you how to do that but most importantly you have to craft the comment so it sticks easy to do.


How do you find good blog comments? Once again you use Google? It’s really simple. Put in “top 10 fitness”. Okay, and then you want to go to tools results in the last 24 hours.


It’s can be “top 10 Fitness” “top 10 health” and people will post this stuff. And the reason you want to do 24 hours guys is a trick to it Okay, these are fresh blog posts So what happens is these guys will share these on their social media in the next 24 hours in the next week? They’ll share them to the email list and they’ll get lots of traffic to this page. So you want to have your Comment on the page as fast as possible. Something like,

Hey You know, I’m thinking about losing weight. I don’t know what program I should use? What do you think about this website in their review? Do you think it’s legit?” and then link your website. Okay Do not put it in a website area because no one will see it That is where your name is that it’ll be when people click on your name, you want to actually put it inside the comment.


So you make sure you put it inside, link your free wordpress website in there. So people click on it and they can see it Okay, but craft it properly like hey what do you think about this and pretend like you’re talking to the author and they will probably Approve it because they want to answer that question for you and they’re like, “oh, yeah. I don’t know about this review I don’t know about this product.” But all you want to do is get that comment stuck on the page and That’s literally all you do. Now of course this is going to take time guys but like I said, it’s a compounding effect. You can see a lot of people have actually already tried to do it.


Now the last one and look at the bonus as well is Facebook groups are the most powerful on social media right now. This is really easy all we do is go on Facebook search bar and search for “Fitness”.


We just find groups. And we see number one is growing over 220k members. You can go in here and you can monitor it you can see who’s posting and how the engagement inside and who’s asking questions and then you can recommend the website that you just created.

So that’s how you can use Facebook groups if you combine all three of those free traffic method, No joke, you will probably be making $100 or $200, $300 per day  with clickbank for free 2020 even if you’re just a beginner. Faster than you think this works. You just need to implement this and make it work for you.

Now the fourth one is a question site called Quora.



You go there you find people asking questions, and then you can simply go and link back to that article as well. This one here “How do i make money from home at night for a singe parent?” You can go in here. You can answer their questions and link back And once again these links stay there forever. They also get ranked in Google faster compare to other sites. So, you get the traffic so you’re basically is jacking traffic from another site.

Conclusion-Clickbank For Begginers 2020:

Okay, so this simple Three-step system is to go and find the niche, the product and create the middle website or the bridge page for free and use these three traffic methods plus the bonus one so you can go out there and make money on Clickbank today (nice and easy). I hope you enjoyed this post. It’s very hard to keep everything into a short video So I hope it wasn’t too fast for you. If you have any questions, let me know below I love to help out.

Make sure you give us a like give us a subscribe any questions below I’m happy to help you. I’m on here every single day helping out My subscribers make money online and remember to join my email list below for free training and learn more on how to make more money online.

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