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so as you guys can see right here this is 100% legit this is my actual Clickbank account I’m gonna click the refresh button right here just you can see these numbers are legit I can click this as many times as you want these numbers will not change unless I get a sale in the next few seconds which would be nice but guys as you can see today so far I’ve made one hundred and fifty seven dollars yesterday hundred and thirty-eight dollars not the two best days in the world but still pretty good money that’s more money than some people make working a full-time job working like twelve hours in a full day they wouldn’t even make this much money so we’ve got three hundred eighty one dollars there that was a pretty good day Thursday February 13th five hundred dollar day it’s last Sunday $1,100 the Monday before that again over a thousand dollars so guys in this video and we showing you how I’ve made this type of money and what you guys can do to do the exact same steps as I’ve taken to make this kind of money yourself so make sure you stick around and watch this new video I will be going over absolutely everything you need to know that to learn how you can make this money guys a refreshingly can boy this is legit I have made 1,000 500 dollars this week so far last week was two thousand nine hundred dollars before that three thousand dollars we could fall out six thousand dollars of this week right here was nearly a thousand dollars every single day this could be you guys alright trust me this has potential to be you one day making this type of money and guys oracy this is only one income stream okay you can use this to build many the income streams as well from what you learned during this video all right so stick with me and go absolutely everything you need to know so that further loop let’s just jump into today’s video where I’m gonna be showing you how you can make $1,000 a day on Clickbank for let’s go so a couple of months ago I was scrolling through YouTube watching some videos as I usually do and I came across an ad from a guy called Lloyd now in this ad Lloyd was telling us about these three steps that we can take to make some crazy money online using Clickbank and Facebook now my first thought was yeah this sounds too good to be true probably not real but I went and actually attended his webinar to see what it was all about because after all the webinar was completely free anyway now guys I will put a link to this webinar in the description down below so you can go check it out yourself and I highly recommend you do you will learn pretty much everything that I’ve learned so far in order to make this type of money guys alright so let me refresh this page again just so you can see this is one percent real I can refresh this page as many times as you want the numbers won’t change unless I get a magic sale right now but yeah you can see it right here all the numbers are legit this is money that I’ve made just over the past couple of weeks so yeah this webinar will teach you exactly how I’ve been doing all of this and like I said guys this webinar is completely free that is why I will be linking it to you in the description down below I’ll also put it in the comment section as well just so you can find it easily and I do honestly highly recommend you go check it out so what you learn in this webinar is the three-step system that Lloyd teaches in side his course you’re gonna get a basic rundown in this webinar completely for free but you will learn so much just in this free webinar trust me but what he teaches you exactly are the three steps that he’s found that just completely work as you can see from my results it honestly does work so step one is going to be to find a high converting affiliate offer now that is why we are on Clickbank if you don’t know what Clickbank is this is basically a marketplace and I click on the button here marketplace where you can just find all sorts of different affiliate products on here kids or in all sort of different categories as well as entertainment there’s gonna be loads of different products here as seen on tv betting systems this is a good one actually a business and emarketing guys this this categories and loads of different niches and this products inside the more so step one it’s going to be to find a product inside here Lord will show you exactly how to do that in the live webinar now step two will be to create a high converting landing page again if you watch the webinar to see you to see how this is all done okay and it’s pretty much all done for you as well honestly guys when you’re in the course 90% of the stuff has been made for you by lloyd already all your landing pages and stuff already made use copy and paste things all your add images and add text it’s all made already for you and you just copying and pasting things and saving things to your computer is that simple so that’s step two create a high converting landing page which is already made for you and then step three run simple little adverts on Facebook to drive people to your landing page and it honestly is that simple three steps find a high converting of affiliate offer the offer economist B step to create a high converting landing page and step three run simple Facebook ads to your landing page and the hopes are when people click on this landing page they will want to purchase whatever offer we are promoting right we’re gonna be talked for example say we’re targeting people who want to lose weight we’re selling we’re promoting an affiliate offer for people who want to lose weight like a weight loss thing then we’re gonna want to target people on Facebook who want to lose weight right that’s the idea we want to put this in front of people who have a problem like some people have a problem of wanting to lose weight so we stick this in front of them this solution in the form of an a product from Clickbank and that’s literally all we do and you can make money just like I have been so if I go back to my dashboard here again this is just proof of this is of 100% real all these numbers they’re not changing guys because this is legit this is on right now yeah so you can see this really does work simple three-step formula and Lloyd teaches you everything in his free webinar so like I said I will link that down below I can’t talk about it in this video honestly you’d be way too long Lloyd goes over it over like an hour or so in his webinar so yeah you can sign up to that book whatever time you want what every day you want and you can attend the webinar whenever you feel like it okay what have you got some free time just watch it and get some valuable valuable information from it completely free and then you can decide whether you want to join his course or not one thing I didn’t mention yet is you do actually get access to his Facebook group as well as private Facebook group for members only now right now there are like I’d say roughly 70 of us and they or something like that and it’s quite a lot of people having some good success me being one of them alright so yeah guys check it out links in the description down below just go watch the free Bible now you got nothing to lose at all because it is free no credit card required or anything like that so watch the webinar ask Lloyd any questions you have you will be there answering your questions and things like that you can send them an email and stuff asking the questions as a – if you have any and I’m sure he will get back to you but yeah guys that is it for this one just a quick one wanna give you an update on my progress and my success with affiliate Academy Pro and basically give you a rundown of what you have to do is basically using Facebook Ads and using a three-step format that Lloyd has come up with finding a high converting affiliate offer create a high converting landing page and run simple little ads on Facebook to drive traffic to your landing page as simple as that so if you are interested go to description or the comments section right now and click the first link you see down there that will take you to move to the webinar page where you can sign up for that and watch it whenever you want book your seat it’s completely free no credit card required anything like that thank you for watching this video don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and you are new here like the video share it with that it’s gonna be interesting drop a comment down below calling anything at all comment make money online comment where you’re from drop a comment saying anything I love reading them I love replying to them and talking to you guys so thank you for watching catch you in the next video

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