These 2 Businesses Will Boost Your Finances This Year!


Attention Job Seekers, Workers and everyone who need the extra cash in this present economy.

This two secret businesses are enriching their owners on a daily basis! Some of the owners have left their work to face it full time. They go to work anytime they like and they are turning Profits so Big, they are feeding their families and now employing labour.
If you desire this for yourself within the next 7 days, read on.

Dear Friend,
Are you a Job seeker, Graduate or Worker in need of better income?
Have you always wanted to become an entrepreneur but never knew how?
Is it your desire to make MORE MONEY than you made last year?

This is for You!

The Nigerian economy right now is not encouraging. The price of commodities have gone up and things we used to buy very cheap before have doubled in price. Some have even tripled! The dollar is rising almost every day and if not for divine intervention, $1 would have reached N1,000 by now!

The painful part of it all is that while the price of these commodities keeps climbing up, income has stayed the same, in fact for some people, it has reduced. Some other people have been laid off their jobs and life just keeps getting harder.

Someone once said, you can never get rich in a 9 to 5 and right now, I am forced to believe this saying 100%. A majority of people right now are seeking ways to increase their income. Some are applying for jobs that are not available, some are pumping money into businesses that are failing.

It is as a result of all this that my team and I at Business in Lagos decided to search for a Business Model which is not only Profitable, but one that is easy to run and will yield profits faster for the owner.

We searched online, offline and everywhere we could get information and the result that turned up the most was Poultry and Fish Farming. What shocked me the most is that as profitable and easy as they are, very few people know about it.

All of us buy and eat eggs every day. Some of us go to the fast foods and order rice and chicken but not all of us know that the Poultry where the Eggs and Chicken came from are making a hell lot of money on our head!

Let’s so some calculation –

A crate of eggs cost N1,500. 100 birds will give you 2 crates of egg every day, that is N3,000. If you continuously sell this 2 crates every day for one month (30 days) you would have made N90,000 that month. If we remove the cost of feed and other maintenance costs, that is nearly N50,000 in profits alone!

This is from just 100 birds and some poultries have over 2,000!

As at today, it costs just N1,500 to grow a chicken from ‘Day-Old’ to Adult, that is all the feed, vaccination, etc. you would do for it till it is ready for sale (Broiler) or Laying (Layers) is just N1,500 per Chicken.

Once a Layer lays 50 eggs, you have made your capital back. Every other sale you make is pure profit and bear in mind that some Layers lay as many as 500 eggs in their lifetime.

Broiler chicken (the one bred only for its meat) goes for N4,000 – N5,000 today. If you bred it for a total of N2,000 and sold at N5,000, you would have made N3,000 profit at the point of sale! Just imagine if you sold just 100 birds. That’s N300,000 profit clean!

Dear Friend, not everyone is complaining about recession. Some people are BENEFITTING from this recession and so I want to ask you – do you want to be among those complaining about the recession OR do you want to be among those benefitting from it?

Imagine you have 100 birds and they are giving you 2 crates of eggs every day. You sell and make N3,000 daily, N90,000 in a month. Will it help your current situation? Or imagine if you got a loan from your dad, mum, uncle or neighbor and bought 100 Broilers. If you sold each of them for N5,000 and made a profit of N3,000, that is N300,000!

What will N300,000 a month do for you?

This is BIG MONEY for everyone right now and that is why I and my team at Business In Lagos came up with a plan to help you hit the ground, not walking, not running but FLYING to greater finances this year.

We developed the Ultimate Guide to Poultry and Fish Farming. It is an Audio training Seminar you can listen on the go whether in your car, on the road to work or in the comfort of your house. In this training seminar, you will be learning from 3 Internationally Acclaimed Experts in the field of Poultry and Fish Farming.

In this Guide, the experts will give you all the basic knowledge needed to start either a Poultry or Fish Farm and they will also equip you with in-depth knowledge on both the costs needed to start each of the business as well as how to run the business and make good profit.

For the Poultry Guide, we had 2 renowned experts – Mr. Bello-Onaghise Godspower, a Poulty Service Provider for the Agricultural Development Project and also a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Animal Sciences, University of Benin. Mr. Bello runs his own Poultry farm and also consults for hundreds of poultry farms in Edo and Delta states.

We also brought on board Dr. Endurance Okhale, a Principal Consultant at RG Agro-Allied Consults. He spearheads operations at hundreds of farms in Edo state and in fact the Poultry Training Seminar was recorded on one of the farms he oversees.

What to expect from the Poultry Guide:
1. How to Setup your own Poultry Farm (whether Large Scale or Small Scale)
2. Complete Cost Analysis for starting up your Poultry Farm
3. Risks involved in Poultry Business
4. Benefits of Poultry Farming
5. 5 ways to add value to your Products to earn higher
6. How to start a Poultry with just 2 birds and grow it to 500 birds and
7. How to boycott Middlemen and market your Poultry Products to make greater Profits
There are many other benefits, tips and strategies you will get from this Audio Training Seminar to make your Poultry highly profitable and turn your finances around this year.

For the Fish Farming Guide, we had Mr. Iyobosa Omorogbe. He is a trained Agriculturist, Fish Farmer and Consultant to USAID on Fish Farming in Nigeria. He supervises more than 2,000 farms in the South region and just before we started the seminar, he showed me a list of over 1,000+ new fish farmers on his schedule for this year.

What to expect from the Fish Farming Guide:
1. How to Setup your own Fish farm
2. Complete Cost Analysis for starting up a Fish Farm
3. Best species of Fish for breeding
4. Hot to take Care of your Fish Pond
5. Risks involved in Fish Farming and
6. How to effectively market your Fish products to make Greater Profits
These are but 6 of the many lessons to learn from our Fish farming expert. By the time you are through with this Audio Training Seminar, you will be able to comfortably start your own Fish Farm at any scale you desire.

This Ultimate Audio Guide is the best option for you because:
1. It is highly affordable (you will find out the prices soon)
2. It is in Audio format so you can listen to it anytime, any day and anywhere. It is not an eBook where you need a quiet place to study and seriously concentrate.
All you need to do is get out your notes, download, play and listen.
3. You will be taught by the best. All our trainers are highly trained experts who not only teach but also practice what they preach.
They are renowned consultants in their respective fields so they will equip you with knowledge and best practice that will help you to not only start, but also RUN a PROFITABLE business.
At the end of each training, our trainers will give you their contact details. With this, you will be able to talk with each of them on a one-on-one basis to ask questions you have from the training.

The Poultry and Fish Farming guides are worth N20,000 each and if you are interested in ordering both, it would go for N40,000.

HOWEVER, we are in a recession and I know you will not be able to pay N40,000 for the Guides. As a result of this I have beat the price down, so you will pay, not N30,000, not N20,000, not even N10,000.

For the two Audio Guides, you will pay just N1,000 only!

Considering the amount we spent getting our trainers, paying them and creating the Guides, this is a paltry sum. Knowledge they say can never be quantified so except you want to go spend tens and hundreds of thousands trying to learn how to start your own Poultry or Fish farm, I’d say this is the best option if you want to turn your finances around this year.

HOLD ON! I want to give you a SWEET DISCOUNT!
If you order this Guide right now, you will pay only N1,000!!!
That’s right! Not N25,000 but N1,000 and that’s only if you order RIGHT NOW.

To place your Order, pay either through:
1. ATM card


2. Bank Transfer
Transfer N1,000 to:

Taiwo Ibiyemi

Send your Name and Screenshot of the Transfer (or Teller) to 07032723698 or
Once confirmed, you will be sent a link to download your Ultimate Audio Guides

This offer is an introductory offer at half price. It goes back to full price in the next 24 hours so HURRY NOW and Place Your Order.

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